ARTICLE - 29/05/2019

The Present Economy

How giving with purpose will change the world

Two weeks ago, I embarked on a road trip with 2 girlfriends to Western Australia. We had decided that during that week, we would face our biggest fears. Mine were to drive (Just had received my driving license 2 days before the beginning of our trip!), to call people, ask for help and face rejection. My co-founder Maud’s biggest fear was to swim with sharks.

So we drove 15h to Exmouth, to get the opportunity of a lifetime to swim with whale sharks. But it was the Easter holidays and we had forgotten to book our snorkelling experience!

Not stressed, we woke up that morning and went for a coffee knowing that we would find a way to get in the water with the amazing creatures. We start talking with the barista and other customers at the coffee place, mentioning that we really wanted to swim with the sharks. A couple of people took our numbers saying that it would be really complicated as everything was fully booked but they might be able to help.

An hour later, we get a call from the owner of a travel agency who invited us on his day-off on his private boat to to see the sharks!

We got to swim with them as long as we wanted (while the normal tours have a 2mn maximum with them) and even get a professional photographer to take photos of us. We enjoyed a unique experience that money can’t buy!

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Bill, right here in the photo, shared his time and experience without expecting anything in return (we just paid for petrol instead of 1200$ for a normal tour and we invited him for dinner). He gave us this « Present » as he believes that giving is the new currency and will be the foundation of the new world. Bill, who is driven by purpose and values, wanted to show us life under water and raise awareness on how amazing our Earth is and why we should protect it.

Based on the last few months running my start up The Great Village, I came up with a new economy called the ‘Present Economy ». In our Great Village, ressources (skills, connections, tools and expertises) are given without expecting anything in return. The value created by those « Presents » has a collective impact in the « Present » but is dedicated to building a better tomorrow.

The « Present Economy » is all about giving before getting. Giving brings a higher level of engagement and learning, which means that you get an exponential degree of receiving.

The Great Village has now an international community of more than 1 200 Greaters, sharing their resources to help grow more than 30 impact-driven projects and businesses. Today, we have created more than 200.000Eur worth of value while spending only 3.000 Eur (for non-exchangeable transactions such as Visas).

As a result, one business has launched in a new country, another one has launched a new product, one has now a brand new logo and website, one has organised an event with more than 150 people with catering, live entertainment…


by Fatou