ARTICLE - 01/06/2019

Will.I.Am dared to be Greater!

How we got Will.I.Am to launch our #DareToBeGreater movement at C2 Montréal


Yes, the one and only Will.I.Am daringly joined The Great Village’s movement #DareToBeGreater.

In May 2019, we bartered 2 tickets to attend C2 Montreal, the most forward thinking conference in the world. What we didn’t know was that this conference would change our lives!

During 3 days, we met talented creatives, bold entrepreneurs, top-tier speakers, industry leaders and other forward-thinkers together. We attended a wide range of collaborative sessions, hands-on workshops with experts, deep-diving masterclasses and experiential Labs … We took a yoga class with goats, got connected with the space and spoke with David Saint Jacques, the astronaut.

 We learned, played, laughed and collaborated in a festive environment unlike any other designed by Sid.Lee and Cirque du Soleil.

The best part of the conference? Everybody, including the amazing speakers, where treated equally. That’s how we got to speak with Will.I.Am and invite him to join the Great Village.

We are heading back there this year. Are you in?

Our goal? Be the catalyst to 1 000 000 concrete actions towards creating a new world by the 31st December 2019.