It takes a Great Village… to build tomorrow’s world!

Turning purpose-driven dreamers into darers so they become tomorrow’s impact entrepreneurs


Our life paths have allowed us to align and we are grateful for it. We have regained our power.
Now we want to help others reveal the best version of themselves so together we can all grow.
We nurture and empower individuals and organizations to create new sustainable models that will positively impact the world.


Maud Jego - Co-Founder

Coming straight from Brittany, Maud is an adventuress at heart who is not afraid to jump from a plane without a parachute!

At the age of 24, she is sent by her employer, one of France largest defense company, to India, alone, to set up their local office.

From that life-changing experience, she learns that there is always a solution to every issue. She will then spend the following decade growing the company around Asia, negotiating and winning major manufacturing contracts with Government and corporations while sipping champagne onboard business class flights.

She has a wake up call end of 2018 and decides to quit her job leaving her « perfect » life behind to launch The Great Village. Today, she wants prove that every dream is achievable with boldness and plenty of Great Vibes!


Fatou Ndiaye - Co-Founder

Born in France from Senegalese parents, Fatou always knew she was a child of the world.

She spent the last decade as an expatriate, moving from New York, to Jakarta, to Singapore where she joins a Pharmaceutical company to manage their International distributors. She quits to travel South America before going back to start her first company, an innovative event agency. She lived 4 years in Sydney where she headed the Trade department for a large Consulting Firm before quitting everything to launch the Great Village.

Fatou also speaks 4 languages, is a fashion model and a Global Trade Expert for the United Nations.

She launched the Great Village to find her purpose and empower others to realise their dreams and build tomorrow’s world.


This is The Great Village.


« Everything starts with a dream ».

  • Get inspired by the founders of the Great Village and their international, engaged and eclectique community.
  • Join one of our inspiring event, immersive experience or follow us online to discover and free the entrepreneur in you!.


« Follow your dreams, the future is in your heads » 

  • Turn your dreams into projects by following our proven methodology: the Great Village Canva
  • We are all about test and learn and about trying fast to fail or succeed fast.

Thrive Together

      • Empowering you to follow your bliss and reach your full potential so you can find your purpose.
      • Channelling your SuperPowers to create a collective and sustainable impact.
  • 1.000.000 concrete actions…

    The Great Village is on a mission to build tomorrow’s world by thriving towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals., during C2 in Montreal, launched our movement #DareToBeGreater aimed at empowering an international community to realise 1.000.000 concrete actions to build tomorrow’s world by the 31st December 2019.


    1. Be yourself, that’s the best you can offer the world.

    2. No dream is crazy enough.

    3. Money is not the KEY to success but just an enabler.

    4. Put « Have fun » on top of your to-do list. 

    5. No bullshit, just dare it !

    6. The world is your oyster; so don’t forget to take care of it.

    7. Technology is amazing but human connection is better.


    Today, The Great Village is an international community with already 1,200 Greaters already collaborating on more than 50 impact-driven projects on 5 continents (Slow Fashion, Cosmetics, Culture, Design, Tech, Aeronautics, etc).


    Meet below some of our captains, those amazing Greaters who are leading projects and businesses already impacting the world. They are all working towards achieving one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


    Virginie Testemale, Paris - FR

    After 15 years as an expatriate, Virginie moved back to Paris to use all her learnings to teach emotional intelligence and the new relationship codes to large scale audiences.
    She wants to help turn our dreams into our reality, turn every women into goddesses…
    She wants to make the world a place filled with balanced individuals and healthy.


    Wafaa Madnous, Lille - FR

    Wafaa is the CEO of Louvre Lens Vallee a unique cluster co-founded by Louvre Museum to promote startup acceleration programs focused on developing innovation through Creative and Human centric methodologies (Art Design Thinking). She recently launched NomadLab to help ideate, plan and develop unique user experiences through creative & cultural expeditions mixing Corporate, Entrepreneurs & Users.


    Borna Scognamiglio, Paris - FR

    A trained Egyptologist, the Italian-Croatian Borna is the Founder of Pixis. Pixis is a web platform that helps young students determine their choice of career for their future professional life, guiding them on the path of discovery of the 21st-century jobs. This game-changing platform provides an innovative path to learning skills in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


    Martin Silvestre, Paris - FR

    Martin and his friend Clara have launched La Durablerie to accompany citizens towards a more sustainable consumption by offering them alternatives to everyday products and objects.
    They regularly research and compare everyday household products to bring awareness on new solutions and sustainable alternatives. Result of their research can be found on their Instagram page.


    Emma Scott, Sydney - AU

    Emma Scott is an award winning creative director and brand strategist, heading up the creative team at Sydney-based branding agency Tiny Hunter. Her passion is to share the stories of family businesses to empower to grow locally and internationally. she recently launched Brands of Kin, a new magazine with the mission to inspire the world with stories of family businesses. Businesses that lead industries, pioneer innovation, and last for generations.


    Jennifer Selinger - Montreal CA

    TV host and producer, Jennifer is a travel visual journalist who is passionate about photography and story-telling. Jennifer loves to document captivating moments in time while focusing on content creation to help spread the love.
    She believes that storytelling has the power to empower people to act. Followed by 47K people on Instagram, Jennifer leverages her platform to share the magic of life!


    Simon Bernard, Marseille - FR

    Simon is the co-founder of Plastic Odyssey, a startup aiming at reducing plastic pollution in the ocean and alleviate poverty at the same time. To achieve that, Plastic Odyssey developed a low-tech and open-source solutions to turn plastic waste into a fuel. In 2020, Plastic Odyssey will start circumnavigating the globe for three years to promote plastic recycling and reduction on a boat powered by plastic garbage.


    Sophie Thouvenel, Paris - FR

    Sophie’s purpose is fight inequalities and to find solutions the poor life conditions children all over the world suffer from.
    She is the CEO of Hirondelle de l’Avenir is a French NGO that has been working for over a decade, in the poorest areas of Benin with hundreds of outcast children, to empower them to become adults who are free to choose their future. Today, they are sponsoring 500 children all over Benin.


    Adrien Pelissie - Paris FR

    Adrien is the founder of La Winerie Parisienne, the first Parisian urban winery since 1970. His dream: to revive the capital’s wine-growing tradition by producing fine and uncomplicated wines, 100% Made in Paris. The Winerie Parisienne selects grapes from various French wine-growing regions to vinify them at the gates of Paris. Adrien currently retails his natural wines all around the country while ensuring fair payment is awarded to the growers.




    and let’s build tomorrow’s world together !

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