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Great Community


The Great Village is the community that turns your great dream into reality.

We rebel + we dream + we love + we do + we share + we dare + we fail + we learn + we grow = we innovate and F*** NORMAL!

1. We connect based on our common values: Excellence, Great Vibes, Altruism, Integrity, Audacity

2. We give before getting in order to not predict but co-create the future #PresentEconomy

3. We are entrepreneurs of our own life and of the future we want to live in

4. We embrace differences and make it a force for good

5. We shift the paradigms to build tomorrow’s sustainable and inclusive business models


Offers a resource with LOVE for the benefit of the community and to skyrocket a Captain’ impact-driven startup

Resources: a skill, a connection, a tool, an expertise, tester for a product/service


A Greater who launched an impact-driven business and needs access to the community’ resources to grow his/her business