Our Values
Are who we are


  • Be yourself, that’s the best you can offer the world.
  • No dream is crazy enough.
  • Money is not the KEY to success but just an enabler.
  • Put “Have fun” on top of your to-do list.
  • No bullshit, just dare it !
  • The world is your oyster; so don’t forget to take care of it.
  • Technology is amazing but human connection is better.


  • Excellence

    When you give before getting and mostly when you give with love, everything is excellent!

  • Great Vibes

    Do what you love and laughs all-day-long !

  • Altruism

    What you’re doing is for a cause much bigger than yourself and is dedicated to building a better future

  • Integrity

    Walk the walk and be the incarnation of what you believe in

  • Audacity

    Just dare it!


The Great Village is the perfect match between the power of the digital world and the crucial human connection IRL (In Real Life):

  • - A digital platform where bold individuals meet and exchange their resources (skills, tools, contacts, expertise..) to skyrocket engaged entrepreneurs to success

  • - Improbable encounters that create unexpected matches during immersive and transforming experiences


Maud Jego


Adventuress / Great Vibes Only / Respectful Rebel

Maud's goal is to empower everyone to 'dream and dare to act' as she believes that individual achievement is the key to collective growth. She always views challenges as blessings in disguise and never remains behind a closed door.

Maud has spent the last decade moving up Thales' corporate ladder.
She recently led the successful development of 'Take Off', an internal startup dedicated to supporting Thales' employees in their quest to finding their dream job in the firm, connecting talents based on values and common objectives.Prior to this role, she was involved in the implementation of the Group transverse Digital initiatives and supported the execution of the Global Business Units digital transformation by making experimentation the norm.
She also led the 'Digital Transformation in Business Development' to drive enhanced customer engagement and understanding while building Thales’ International network for 8 years all around Asia, including launching and developing the Thales India office.
Maud has had the honor to join the Earthship Sisters, a leadership program for 14 women designed to change the future of our planet.She wrote a professional thesis on "the development of executive women career's internationally" after her Post graduate degree at Hong Kong Baptiste University.

Fatou Ndiaye


Serial-entrepreneur / Multicultural & Global Citizen / Dreamer & Darer

Fatou's life has always been dedicated to harnessing the collective genius and goodness of the world and to unleash everyone's extraordinary potential to create a better tomorrow.

Fatou is currently the Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer at The Great Village and the Co-Founder at WingsUp. Fatou has spent the last decade as an expatriate in Asia Pacific and has moved back to Paris late 2018 to launch her startup, The Great Village.
Fatou is also a registered Global Trade Expert and Speaker for the United Nations.Previously Fatou was the National Lead for KPMG Australia’ Trade & investment service line focused on assisting Australian SMEs in their International expansion. She designed a digital platform, “Go Global”, which facilitated the firm’s delivery of export related advisory to SMEs. Prior to this, Fatou spent four years in Singapore as a Key Account Manager for Moleac, a biopharmaceutical company, where she recruited and managed international distributors across APAC, Middle East and Africa.Fatou's time in Singapore also provided her the opportunity to successfully launch and manage her own creative event agency.
Further to this portfolio of international roles, Fatou has worked for Thales Avionics in France, handling International sales and also managing relationships with key client accounts.